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In support of Congregation of Oriental Church's directive dated December 18th, 2017 to be implemented by Kottayam Diocese in true spirit

About Knanaya Reform

We are a group of proud Knanaya members who are working towards stopping the expulsion of members of Kottayam diocese, based on the practice of endogamy, in Kerala and around the world, under the Arch Diocese of Kottayam of the Syro-Malabar Church.

Based on an alleged customs and traditions, the practice of the Kottayam archdiocese, the members can marry only people from within the diocese, to keep a pure bloodline [Endogamy]. If a member of Kottayam diocese marries from any other Christian denomination or a converted Christian, (non-endogamous marriage), the member is asked to leave the eparchy of Kottayam and is not granted any sacraments. Their biological children and or adopted children will not be allowed to be members of the Kottayam diocese and all the sacraments are denied. Kottayam diocese expels members selectively on the basis of racial considerations and purity of blood, which is clearly unchristian, unconstitutional and violates basic human rights.

This tradition is being practiced to protect the presumed racial/blood purity of the Knanaya community, which is already proved wrong, through DNA tests. As a result of this practice, many young men and women, in the community, remain unmarried fearing the humiliation of getting married to a non-Knanaya Catholic spouse and getting expelled from the community. This unchristian and uncivil practice inflicts psychological and emotional wounds on our families, children and their social wellbeing. This diocese resists evangelizing and bringing into the Christian fold as taught by Jesus Christ, to preach the word of God to all mankind and baptize them.

This” Knanaya reform movement” is initiated by those who are married from within the KNANAYA community as well as those who have married from out of the community. We believe that, we all Christians live according to the “word of God” and are guided by the Holy Spirit and NOT by Knanaya spirit.

We urge every Knanaya member to be proud of who you are and support this mission, which is to stop expulsion of members from the parish and diocese, based on the practice of endogamy and bring to the attention of the church leaders to recognize that "The Church is a place of Mercy and Hope, where everyone is welcomed, loved and forgiven"- Pope Francis.

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