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In support of Congregation of Oriental Church's directive dated December 18th, 2017 to be implemented by Kottayam Diocese in true spirit

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Knanaya Reform mission is to take on to the activities of Knanaya Catholic Naveekarna Samithy (KCNS) in India and the activities of the Knanaya Association of North America (KANA), to the next level,  by bringing their activities as well as our mission known to the entire Knanaya population,  all over the world. We wish to connect with Knanaya people all over the world who believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ that "all are equal brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ". We do not believe in the practice of endogamy, which is an evil, unchristian, racial in nature and a discriminatory practice. This is to be condemned and eradicated by the Catholic Church. Our objectives  are  to use our personal contacts, social media and Internet,  to bring awareness against this evil practice and bring back all those who have been expelled or forced to quit the membership from their parishes,  by the practice of PLEK (Permission to leave the Eparchy of Kottayam Archdiocese), under one umbrella.


The Holy Spirit inspires the vision of our mission, to put an end to this evil practice of expulsion of members from the Catholic Church on the basis of endogamy Practice. We believe that the Lord, our God, is on our side to put an end to this practice, in Kerala and all over the world. We KCNS, KANA and Knanaya Reform believe that our movement is prophetic in nature to fight against this injustice practiced within a Catholic Christian community.We also believe that the youth of our community who are being brainwashed by the Knanaya fanatics and some current leadership,bound by the "Knanaya Spirit" need to be undone through the teachings of Jesus Christ, in the New Testament. Our vision is to set free our knanaya brothers and sisters, blinded and bound by the bondage of the "Knanaya Spirit", and free them to be inspired to resist endogamy practice, by the Holy Spirit. "Our goals is to unify all like-minded Knanaya people all over the world to love each other as human beings as Jesus taught us without hating or expelling anyone from the church or community based on Endogamy practice"

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